Right after I finished my Masters in Civil Engineering in October 2014, I went to live in the Western Sahara for two months. An experience that shaped the rest of my life. In April 2015 I started working as a Graduate Civil Engineer in Reading, UK. This job enabled me to develop an interest about psychology and human behaviour, triggered by the different team dynamics. Since then, I have been studying the different branches of psychology, especially the cognitive one, alongside its relationship with happiness. Nowadays I continue my job as a Senior Civil Engineer trying to make a difference in the world.

During two years I was the Coordinator of the Engineers Without Borders Reading Regional Network, which I founded myself in September 2015. We worked with passion to inspire the people in the Reading area not just to improve our society, but the entire world. Because – as I always say – once we discover our true happiness, the only thing left to do in life is to help other people to become truly happy as well.

On April 2018 I went to Nepal to live and work as a volunteer in a rural village. I lived there for three months, leading a team of 10 volunteers to carry out Water, Sanitation and Hygiene projects. A small change to the world, but a big change for the Nepali village of Baghmara. After visiting 22 countries and have lived in 4 of them (Spain, UK, Western Sahara and Nepal), my determination to improve the world has become my passion.


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